The 20th anniversary of the event in the city of Minas Gerais will be celebrated with a grand structure for rescue and first aid, always thinking about the safety of athletes and visitorsIf the International Mountain Bike Cup has grown a lot in terms of athlete participation, public presence and hiring of service providers since its first edition in Araxá, in 2004, the organization’s concern for everyone’s safety has remained the same proportion. In the dispute that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the event in the municipality of Minas Gerais, from April 14th to 16th, the race will have its largest structure in terms of medical staff to date. In all, there will be six ambulances in action at the event, provided by different partner entities. Around 40 medical professionals will be working throughout the event – ​​including doctors, nurses and rescuers -, all with the same main focus: ensuring the safety of registered athletes and thousands of visitors.

More than 20,000 athletes have already come to compete in Araxá during this time when the CIMTB is taking place in the municipality. For many, it may go unnoticed, but for the organization this has always been one of the main priorities of the event. Several entities and companies are among CIMTB’s partners so that the medical field has strengthened and grown. Through the support provided by the City Hall of Araxá, the Department of Health will provide two ambulances to the event. This year, for the first time, Unimed joins the CIMTB, and will also make an ambulance available, the same amount provided by Clínica Anjos Que Cuidam, Arcah Removals and Rescue and the city’s Fire Department.

Copa Internacional MTB in Araxá (Credit: Cesar Delong)

“The medical team at our events is always growing. The structure we set up for first-aid care for athletes and the public has always been among our top priorities. Few mountain bike events in the world have so many people working in this area, as in Araxá in 2023. If we compare, it is very close to a World Cup stage. And, in this season in which we celebrate 20 editions of the CIMTB in the city, we were happy to have Unimed Araxá joining us, after a few years in which conversations between the CIMTB and the private company began”, praised Rogério Bernardes.

Unimed Araxá will be present at the historic edition of the 20th anniversary of the International Mountain Bike Cup, offering the public and participants the security of initial urgent and emergency support, with an ambulance provided by the operator and the work of qualified professionals. “We will also have a stand to receive people who are going to visit the event and, at the end, we will raffle off a bicycle, encouraging the practice of physical activities. Participating in sports and cultural events in our city, such as this one, is one of the objectives of Unimed Araxá, contributing to an improvement in the quality of life of Araxa residents”, commented Dr Rubens Assunção de Oliveira, director of Unimed Araxá.

“The benefits of physical activity for our health and well-being are enormous. Exercises strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart attack. They control blood sugar and prevent the complications of diabetes. It prevents the loss of bone mass, reducing the risk of fractures. Lose weight and help control weight. Improves insomnia and promotes physical and mental well-being. It improves posture and possible body aches, in addition to delaying aging”, concludes Dr. Rubens.

Other partner entities
Present at the CIMTB as one of the municipal entities that most participate in the event, the Health Department is of fundamental importance for the realization of the Internacioanl Cup in Araxá. “For the Department of Health, its inclusion in a grandiose event such as the International Mountain Bike Cup is extremely important. In the broad concept of health, we realize that sport is of fundamental importance for body and mind to be in balance”, said Cristiane Pereira, Secretary of Health for Araxá.

“It is necessary that prevention and health promotion be present in all social spaces, and this event has the characteristic of spreading and encouraging the practice of sports. Therefore, we are committed to offering logistical health support for competitors and for those participating in the event. Support with ambulances, technicians and hospital medical materials will be offered, thus guaranteeing safety and access to health services in the municipality in an agile way, according to the presented need”, added Cristiane Pereira.

Arcah Remoções e Resgate began its work with the CIMTB in one of the most difficult times that an entire generation has faced: the Covid-19 pandemic. It was in mid-2020 that the company was one of those responsible for taking care of first aid at the event, in tests held in Carandaí (MG). Since then, he has become a permanent part of the event’s medical team, being responsible for providing care in remote areas with restricted access to the event. Be well positioned in strategic areas, to be able to see possible accidents and provide assistance as quickly as possible. This is the main way the company finds to optimize its service.

“Since we were introduced to CIMTB, we at Arcah Remoções e Resgate have taken on a great affection for working in mountain bike events. Our team, which is very united and does everything with great pleasure, started in a first event in which it rained a lot and nobody was standing. And, interestingly, we got a lot of liking after that”, recalled Rodrigo Osanan. “Seeing how the CIMTB treats rescue and relief issues with such seriousness and responsibility was what most caught our attention from the beginning. They have a huge affection for our team, because they know that we are there because we like and vibrate with the event. It is with great pleasure and responsibility that we participate in the CIMTB”, concluded Rodrigo.

Clínica Anjos Que Cuidam, from Araxá, also actively participates in the International Cup, providing ambulances and removals, making the vehicle, driver and nursing team available for rescue support. “For our company, being present at one of the biggest cycling events in the world is a milestone for us. CIMTB for the city of Araxá for a whole week during the year and brings all the spotlight and relevance to our municipality. Everyone benefits from this”, commented Edsoney Max, owner of the clinic.

Last days to register
Registration for the historic 20th anniversary edition of the Araxá (MG) stage of the International Mountain Bike Cup (CIMTB) remains open, closing on next Monday, the 10th. April 16, the best cyclists from Brazil and the world will be in action on the trails around the Grande Hotel Termas de Araxá. To guarantee a place in one of the more than 50 disputes in three modalities – Olympic Cross Country (XCO), Short Track (XCC) and Marathon (XCM) – cyclists must access the event website and click  on  the Subscriptions menu.

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