The 20th edition of the Cup in the municipality of Minas Gerais will be celebrated with a Mass, on Sunday night (04/9), and a Solemn Session in the City Council, on Monday afternoon (04/10)   

When the CIMTB organization held a stage of the event for the first time in the city of Araxá, in 2004, few at that time could have imagined that this would become the most traditional and iconic mountain bike race in Brazil. But as the first few years went by, it became clear that the match was perfect. And, for the success of the 20 years to happen, many local entities were important. The City Hall of Araxá and its various secretariats have always been essential for the CIMTB to continue in the city. In addition to them, several people and local entities also provided full support for the event to continue growing.

Due to all this, special moments will be experienced during the whole week of the event that celebrates the 20 years of the Cup in Araxá. If from Thursday (13) there will already be an official program for the event at the Grande Hotel, days before the celebrations will begin. On Sunday, April 9, a thanksgiving mass will be held at 5 pm for the 20th anniversary of the CIMTB at Nossa Senhora das Graças Church, in Barreiro, in front of the Grande Hotel, celebrated by Father Marcio. Next Monday, April 10th, starting at 2 pm, the CIMTB will be honored in a formal session at the Chamber of Councilors of Araxá.

Aerial view of the Grande Hotel, in Barreiro (Credit: João Pedro Chagas/GoBro)

“We have a lot to thank everyone who has been with us over this long period. We are very honored to be in Araxá for so long. We built an event with the participation of all, in an inclusive way, and we still have a huge journey of growth for the coming years. Therefore, we will continue counting on all of you from Araxa”, commented Rogério Bernardes, organizer of the International Mountain Bike Cup.

Mayor sworn in for the administration of Araxá in the period between 2021-2024, 46-year-old Robson Magela from Araxa highlights the importance of the event in the municipality over these 20 years. “It is a great satisfaction for the city of Araxá to receive the International Mountain Bike Cup during these 20 consecutive years”, praised Robson Magela, who is the fourth mayor of the municipality in the period of realization of the CIMTB. Before him, Antônio Leonardo Lemos, Jehovah Moreira da Costa and Aracely de Paula were occupying the position.

“It is an event that has been consolidated in our Official Calendar, with Barreiro and its landscaping being an attraction in itself. The Cup is sure to attract a large audience, boosts our economy and brings together competitors from various disciplines, especially the Super Elite, which brings together high-level Brazilian and international cyclists. It will continue to grow every year, as it has been happening, and we are confident to host a World Cup stage. Congratulations to everyone involved”, added Robson Magela.

Support from the secretariats
During the period of preparation and execution of the International Cup, all the various municipal secretariats of Araxá work together with the organization of the event, so that everything goes well, within the framework. Among them, some stand out for being more active in terms of sporting events and also for the fact that the event has a direct impact on the economic development of the city, through tourism.

“It is an honor for us from Araxá to host the International Mountain Bike Cup. This event puts Araxá in the spotlight in the Brazilian and international sports scene. A competition of this level brings several benefits to the city. In addition to encouraging the practice of this sport, entertainment and leisure, it also encourages local commerce, encourages sports and takes care of people’s physical and mental health. The city of Araxá is privileged by nature, thus providing a beautiful space for the practice of this sport. Congratulations CIMTB, for the 20 years of great quality and success of the competition”, highlighted the sports secretary, José Antunes Soares Júnior, Dedé.

“The CIMTB, with the participation of the city hall and the city, generates a positive feeling. We believe in sport, health, well-being and economic development in an event that brings athletes from several countries to Araxá. It is a great partnership and has everything to make Araxá stand out even more in the world of mountain biking, in celebration of the event’s 20th anniversary. Commerce, restaurants, hotels, all benefit from this partnership between the City Hall and the International Cup. It’s a big event for the city. The city’s interests are much greater than the organization of the event and any person. We are talking about the economic interests of the municipality, in publicizing the city. We know that Araxá is very important for the Minas Gerais, national and international scenarios”, celebrated Juliano Cesar da Silva, responsible for the Secretariat for Economic Development,

More support from the Legislative Branch
Representatives of the Chamber of Councilors of Araxá and the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais also congratulated the organization of the CIMTB for the 20 years of history of the International Cup in the municipality of Triângulo Mineiro. Two of them, councilors Raphael Rios and Bosco Junior, highlighted the event and the holding of the Solemn Session on April 10th.

“The solemn meeting will be a way of remembering and giving thanks for the 20 years of the Cup in our city. Mountain biking has grown a lot in our region thanks to the event that moves our economy, brings media to Araxá and encourages the practice of sports”, said Raphael Rios.

“This Solemn Session comes to immortalize and value this milestone in our city. It’s 20 years of the International Mountain Bike Cup in Araxá. An event responsible for stimulating the practice of sports in the municipality, promoting preventive health and economic and social development”, reported Bosco Junior, president of the Chamber of Councillors.

State Deputy of Minas Gerais, João Bosco also celebrated the 20 consecutive years of success and excellence of the CIMTB in his hometown. “Congratulations to the creator and organizer, Rogério Bernardes, and to his entire team, athletes, sponsors and the City Hall”, he celebrated.

“The CIMTB is an event that counts on the participation of elite athletes from Brazil and the world, tracks in stunning landscapes, big brands and news for those passionate about cycling, in addition to the great tourist and cultural potential of our region. Araxá demonstrates its strength and capacity to host and produce events of quality and economic profitability”, concluded the state deputy.

More state partners
The Government of the State of Minas Gerais, which has Romeu Zema in charge, has always been a partner of CIMTB, through entities such as Copasa (Sanitation Company of Minas Gerais) and Codemig (Company of Economic Development of Minas Gerais) / Codemge (Minas Gerais Development Company).

“Codemge congratulates those involved in the realization of this historic edition of 20 years of the Araxá stage of the International Mountain Bike Cup. With the mission of facilitating the promotion of economic and social development in Minas Gerais, the Company recognizes the importance of the prestigious international championship, which contributes to the generation of jobs and income, in addition to valuing sport, health, well-being , overcoming limits and cultural exchange. Araxá has a privileged location, mineral wealth and unique relevance as a tourist and development hub, where the Company invests, operates and is present, with assets such as the Grande Hotel, a Codemge venture managed through a successful partnership with the private sector,” he said. Thiago Toscano, president of Codemge. 

The Development Company of Minas Gerais (Codemge) is a state-owned company, part of the Indirect Public Administration of the State of Minas Gerais, organized as a joint-stock company, with the State as its main shareholder. Originated in 2018 after the corporate reorganization of the Economic Development Company of Minas Gerais (Codemig), Codemge’s mission is to facilitate the promotion of economic and social development in Minas Gerais. Its strategic vision is to attract private investment to Minas Gerais.

Last days to register
Registration for the historic 20th anniversary edition of the Araxá (MG) stage of the International Mountain Bike Cup (CIMTB) remains open, closing on next Monday, the 10th. April 16, the best cyclists from Brazil and the world will be in action on the trails around the Grande Hotel Termas de Araxá. To guarantee a place in one of the more than 50 disputes in three modalities – Olympic Cross Country (XCO), Short Track (XCC) and Marathon (XCM) – cyclists must access the event website and click  on  the Subscriptions menu.

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History of the CIMTB
The organization of the CIMTB held its first race in 1996. Since then, it has been innovating and actively contributing to the growth and strengthening of mountain biking and the bicycle market in Brazil. Counting points for the International Cycling Union (UCI) world ranking since 2004, the CIMTB has been selective for the Olympic Games in the Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 cycles. its international relevance, with the holding of the opening stage of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike World Cup, in Petrópolis. In addition, it was responsible for building the mountain bike track for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, considered one of the best in the history of the Games since 1996, the first year of MTB in the Olympics.

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